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First Friday January: Live Music and Print Gallery


Little Friends of Printmaking from Los Angeles, CA


Husband-and-wife team JW and Melissa Buchanan are The Little Friends of Printmaking, a pair of award-winning illustrators and designers. They first made a name for themselves by designing and silkscreening concert posters but soon branched out into further fields, designing fancy stuff for whoever would pay them money. In addition to their work as illustrators and designers, they continue their fine art pursuits through exhibitions, lectures and artists’ residencies worldwide, spreading the gospel of silkscreen to anyone inclined to listen. The Little Friends currently live in Los Angeles with too many animals.

Artist Statement
We illustrate and hand-print all of our work ourselves. We’re there from beginning to end, actively engaging with each step of the (sometimes extraordinarily convoluted) printmaking process. We’ve been doing things this way for years now, and what once was a dire neccesity is now one of the core principles of our art practice. The silkscreen process and the act of printing have informed our aesthetic as illustrators and designers completely. Engaging with the process directly has given us a greater understanding of the materiality of the medium. 


Live Music by Chase Castle from Cleveland, OH


Chase Castle is an Americana songwriter and poet located in Cleveland, Ohio. With Appalachian influences surrounding his music, Castle’s organic songwriting approach is a unique blend of folk and classical music. Castle has collaborated with artists such as Garth Hudson (The Band, Bob Dylan), Tommy Ramone (The Ramones), and Hannibal Means (Nina Simone), and has played venues from Maine to Kansas.