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Acoustic Tuesday: Live Music by The Loose Hinges from Nashville, TN


The singer/songwriter duo, Eliot Houser and Kris McCarthy, transcend mainstream stereotypes and rise above the Americana militia defining everything contemporary coming out of Music City. Embracing a decidedly sophisticated and eclectic catalogue of mostly pop, rock, and jazz elements, Loose Hinges is unique, warm, and refreshing. 

Taking a cue from the dream pop sound that emerged out of the UK, Loose Hinges moves up and away from their self-titled debut in 2010 to a sound reminiscent of the adult contemporary chart-topping vibe of the 1960s. With McCarthy’s vocals leading the way down a path of silk and seduction, and Houser’s unique song structures, the duo veers off the congested thoroughfare of Americana roots. Loose Hinges can get down in the earthy ethos that is Americana with the best of them, but it’s hardly the sum total of their parts.

Skope Magazine says, “...[the] sky’s the limit for this duo,” and independent promoter, Bill Deutsch adds, “...very seductive, textured and balanced. The vocals are intoxicating.” The Muse’s Muse goes a bit further, “The strength of Loose Hinges is the impressive song-for-song musical exuberance that keeps coming at you.”

The metric by which all exceptional music should be measured is the balance between how the music sounds live versus the studio work. Without a doubt the energy reviewers hear in recordings is unmatched in their live performance. In the alternate, that recorded sound is real, and translates with even more emotion when Loose Hinges takes the stage. There’s tangible chemistry at work on the stage Loose Hinges set. It’s a rare alchemy restoring faith that music is art, and originality ultimately has the final word in that which is meaningful.

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