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First Friday October: Live Music and New Gallery Show



Foxy Loxy Cafe is excited to welcome Caleb Kopta from Pittsburgh, PA to the Acoustic Altar on First Friday! Check him out:

Paper Soup: Mixed Media Artwork by Ginger McGee
EXHIBITION DATES: October 1st - October 28th

Native Savannahian Ginger McGee is a self-taught mixed media collage artist. Her show “Paper Soup” is a study in juxtaposition. “I love the possibility of collage – the found or forced connection between images, and the use of disjointed words or phrases to further the strange story. Strange is a world I enjoy living in.” Like soup, her artwork is an amalgam of different textures, mediums and images working together. “Paper Soup” is whimsy at its best, and is sure to leave a funny taste in your eyes.