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First Friday Print Gallery: Hailee Potter


OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, October 6th from 6 – 9pm
First Friday music in the Courtyard by Southern Holiday Jazz Band from 7 – 10pm

EXHIBITION DATES: September 25 – October 29
Hailee Potter is a photographer located in Savannah, GA. Belle Nature de Lacoste is a collection of handmade Cyanotypes and Archival Inkjet black and white photographic prints that explore the nature of Lacoste, France.

Peseveretrees explores the dynamic nature of trees as if they were individual people. Their physical characteristics create a metaphor about the struggles of life. Where adaption is found, one can also find growth. By defeating challenges, strength is developed. Nontraditional perspective points and tight framing break the traditional norms of portraiture, creating balance
between chaos and peace. Standing firm on their own, these trees have persevered through many things in their life.

Beautés Bleues explores the Cyanotype printing process of picture making. By coating this archival watercolor paper with ammonium iron citrate and potassium ferricyanide, and using found leaves, branches, feathers and other objects found in nature handmade photographs are created. The images are exposed to the sun, leaving imprints of the objects, turning everything else blue. These handmade images are local to Lacoste, France.

Potter primarily focuses on issues of human perception, identity, and social norms that are present in today’s society. She wants to empower others to see the world in a different light, stripped of society’s expectations, exposing the raw truths of the human condition that are rarely discussed. Furthermore, Potter creates images that question the definitions of portraiture and its perceived meanings of truth. Her style is simple and straightforward, but complex in its process.

Her work falls in between straight portraiture and staged narratives. However, she leaves room for creating tree portraits. She thinks trees tell a story, just like humans do, but in a different way. You can find her work at