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Print Gallery: Scribble Art Studio's "It's a Small World"

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This years annual art show by Scribble Art students ages 4 - 16 re-imagines the magic ofIt’s a Small World. Students were introduced to the artist who created It’s a Small World, Mary Blair. They learned about Mary Blair’s life, her innovative color theory concepts and her creative work at Disney. 

Inspired by the countries represented in It’s a Small World, students selected a country meaningful to them; either somewhere they have visited, a country their family is from, or a place they would like to visit someday. Over the course of several weeks, students created their own colorful whimsical mini-vignettes and paintings that are wonderfully inspired by Mary Blair’s original It’s a Small World.

It’s easy to look at our differences rather than our similarities. It’s easy to feel separated, rather than connected. Sometimes all it takes is the artwork of a child to remind us, we are all indeed the same.