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Acoustic Tuesday: Live Music By The Rightly So from Buffalo, NY


Born in the heart of the Buffalo rust belt, The Rightly So brings a vibrant energy to Americana music. The young acoustic duo is comprised of esteemed guitarist and performer Gregory Zeis, and award-winning singer/songwriter Jess Chizuk. Both have achieved a great deal of musical success on their own, and have now formally combined their talents to create a unstoppable force of captivating original music. 

Both Jess and Greg have been performing musicians since their early teens. Combined, they have nearly 20 years of performing experience while still in their early 20's themselves. Greg has fronted a number of prominent WNY bands to a great deal of success, his engaging stage presence, soulful vocals, expert guitar playing, and enthralling original music drawing crowds across the region. Jess has developed a unique and memorable songwriting style that has earned her a number of accolades and nationwide recognition, paired with her powerful, graceful vocals and intricate rhythm guitar work. Together, their performances have the best of both worlds; vibrant energy and chemistry without losing any musical integrity. It's relatable acoustic music carried by perfectly blended harmonies that can only come from voices that were made to perform together. 

Their self-titled debut album is available in July of 2017, combining new renditions of old songs from past projects, and plenty of brand new collaboration pieces that make it evident that The Rightly So is at their best when they are together.