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January First Friday: Live Music and New Prints


Live Music by Pastels featuring Coletrane Williams, Jameson the 3rd and Aaron Daniel

7-10 PM

Coletrane Williams will be the creative director of this evening while sharing the stage with two special artists: Aaron Daniels and Jameson the 3rd. Calling themselves "Pastels" the trio will share the stage blending R&B, soul and jazz while keeping their energy honest and intimate.

Coletrane Williams
Instagram @coletrane_11

Jameson the 3rd
Instagram: @jameson3000

Aaron Daniel
Instagram: @aarondanielsan


Madame Bricolage Prints from Warsaw, Poland

Artist Reception: 6 - 9PM
Exhibition Dates: December 27th - January 27th

A NOTE FROM THE ARTIST Collage is my favourite creative technique. I love to assemble my original art with antique engravings from past centuries. I work with images from antique engravings found in books and magazines dating from medieval times to 1920, combining and altering them.

Among my mentors are many of the great collage masters of Dadaism and Surrealism - art movements whose artists painted unnerving, illogical scenes with photographic precision, created strange creatures from everyday objects. Their works feature the element of surprise and unexpected juxtapositions.

I’m drawing inspiration from surreal humour of the Monty Python's Flying Circus and Terry Gilliam's cartoons as well as fantasy worlds populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures of Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland.

At Madame Bricolage Print I upcycle genuine antique dictionaries, often 150 years old. Pages are carefully selected and removed from antique books and have warm golden tone that gives them that special charm and makes perfect background for the images.