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Special Acoustic Wednesday: Live Music By Mary Grace Comber and Folk is People


Mary Grace Comber is a singer/songwriter based out of Savannah, GA. Known for her dynamic melodies and lyrics, she finds inspiration in artists like Ben Howard, Phoebe Bridgers and Sara Davis Regan. Her lyrics, while contemplative, carry a message of hope that is further conveyed by her whimsical melodies & gentle voice. 

She is currently recording an EP that she hopes to have available in Spring 2019.


Folk is People is a Jacksonville-based indie band led by singer-songwriter and dad joke expert, Stacey Bennett, a self-described anti-heroine whose stylistic diversity is impressive, encompassing everything from folky roots, indie rock, driving punk pop and mournful sea shanties. Folk is People's music pulls no punches with its disturbing metaphorical clarity, yet it never becomes indulgent nor self-pitying.