The Rainbow Connection: Screenprints by Lesley Anne Numbers
On View July 29th - September 29th

Artist Statement: I believe art can heal, forge, and redefine relationships – to other people, to the world around us, to ourselves – and this is what I explore in my work. My art practice developed in conjunction with becoming a mother and motherhood, nurturance and hope are common themes. Words are often at the foundation of what I create; song lyrics, fragments of a story or the lines of a poem. The words become guides for building a visual narrative. In all of the work I do, I seek out patterns and symbols, especially symbols rooted in nature.

I am currently pursuing an MFA at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I am exploring caregiving, regeneration and the interdependent relationships between people and plants through the media of printmaking, drawing, and community-based art making.

You can see more of my work at or follow me on Instagram @lesleyannenumbers.


Single Origin: Illustrations by Kay Wolfersperger
Artist Reception First Friday: November 1, 6-9pm
On View October 28th - December 29th

Artist Statement: It's easy to underestimate a cup of coffee. We squeeze it into our lives between commutes and meetings and it works itself seamlessly into our daily routines while we jostle from one demand to the next. I take comfort in sitting down with my cup of coffee and thinking about what's possible. It's small but mighty eight ounces of power fuels me for the day and when I peer into this little cup of darkness I see endless inspiration. "Single Origin" is a collection of tea and coffee centric artwork celebrating the bigness in a cup of coffee's smallness.

Kay Wolfersperger is an illustrator and design in New York, NY.

instagram: @kaywolfersperger